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About the Alternative Learning Program

A little bit about us

Formerly known as the Comprehensive School Alienation Program, the Alternative Learning Program (ALPSS) was created as a branch of the Office of Student Support Services to ensure that all students achieve high academic standards and graduate. We provide appropriate services and supports to students who have difficulty succeeding in traditional learning environments.

Pi‘i aku a kau i ka nu‘u me he ‘a‘ali‘i kū makani lā

Ascend and stand on the peak like the wind-resisting ‘a‘ali‘i

At Alternative Learning Programs, Supports and Services, we believe that all at-promise students will ascend and stand on the peak like the wind-resisting ‘a‘ali‘i. The phrase reflects the tenacity of our at-promise students in Hawai‘i, and their ability to ascend to greatness, take root and thrive.

Empowerment Opportunity

At-promise students are empowered and influence the design of their educational path and learning through student choice practices. The student schedules are flexible and allow for participation in ALPSS program courses, as needed.

Alternative Learning Opportunities

Allows for a higher level or heightened supports to ensure student success. ALOs provide most, if not all, educational supports and services within the ALO setting.

ALPSS essential components

ALPSS has five essential components that all programs align to.


Assist students in improving their academic competencies and enable at-
promise students to meet the requirements of the Hawaii Department of

Education adopted state standards and meet state established graduation
requirements. Within the ALPSS setting, innovative instructional strategies are
applied to re-engage and engage students in learning (for example: Project
Based Learning, experiential learning, etc.).


Assist students in developing appropriate behaviors and

social/emotional competencies and support student social-
emotional learning.


To provide transitional support services to at-promise students as they move from
school to alternative programs, reenter school successfully, graduate from high

school college, career and citizenship ready and prepare for positive post-
secondary outcomes (college, career, trade training/school, military, etc.).


Within the ALPSS setting, parent engagement is an essential part of the program
and is consistent and on-going with the goal of partnering with the parent/family
as a member of the ALPSS team supporting at-promise students.

ALPSS establish community partners and engage community agencies to support
at-promise students.

What they mean

It means we know how to provide extra support for students who need it, and can chart them a path to success.

Quality over Quantity

Students in our program work in smaller classes so that they get the support and attention they need to succeed.

Our goal

Our mission - the objective - is to give every student in our program a shot at success. Every student has the potential to achieve their goals, and we want to give them the support they need to get there. We believe in people; not just numbers.
So we've laid a foundation in almost every school where students can stand on their own and chart their own course to graduation.

How we’re doing it

Instead of taking the traditional route of classroom lectures and testing, we give teachers the resources they need to create and implement a different sort of curriculum - one that engages students and encourages progress.

Why we’re doing it

Traditional learning and teaching doesn't work for everyone. What one student might find fun and exciting another might it arduous and boring. Some people just learn better when they're engaged in hands-on, interactive activities.

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