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ALPSS Website Privacy Policy

Who we are

We are the Alternative Learning Program, Supports and Services; a division of the Office of Student Support Services, Hawai’i State Department of Education. Our website is and will be


This website, as well as any website under the domain, uses cookies to a) enhance the end-user’s experience, b) provide insight and analytics for ALPSS,  and/or c) monitor ALPSS service usage.

By visiting and other associated properties, you are subject to Google Analytics. By browsing our websites, you will receive a cookie from Google Analytics that tracks user statistics within ALPSS web properties. Please see the Google Analytics section for more information.

If you leave comments on, we may apply a cookie to your browser to identify you as the commenter.

Your browser may retain these cookies for a set duration. You can at any time, delete these cookies from your browser. These cookies are functionless outside of ALPSS web properties.

Data retention

In accordance with the Hawai’i State records retention schedule, all data is subject to storage for three years.

Data sharing

Data stored on or any associated web properties may be shared within the State of Hawai’i without any prior warning or notice. If mandated by the State of Hawai’i, data may be given to third parties.

Google Analytics

The Alternative Learning Program uses Google Analytics to collect information, statistics, and insight on how our website(s) are used. Data collected by Google Analytics is anonymized in compliance with the European Union’s GDPR.

Information collected by Google Analytics is not personally identifiable, and all data gathered is anonymized.

Google Analytics will not gather data for the Alternative Learning Program outside of the division’s web properties.


  • We use cookies.
  • Unless you give us your information consensually, everything we know about you is anonymous.
  • We store data for three years.
  • Our privacy practices are an extension of the Hawai’i State Department of Education’s privacy policies.
  • Unless we have to share the data** we collect, we won’t*.
  • You have the right to be forgotten.

*Embedded content may collect data without our knowledge. Please see the embedded content’s host for a complete breakdown of their privacy policies and how they’re enforced.

**Data that is given to us consensually by you, the user.

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